Partner Alignment

Here is how we've strategically aligned with our partners to help reach our objectives and key results.

CenterState CEO

CenterState CEO is an independent and forward-thinking economic development strategist, business leadership organization and chamber of commerce; dedicated to the success of its members and the prosperity of the region.


Objective: Facilitate training and education strategies that empower residents to access New Economy careers, while infusing tech fluency into training for traditional industries that are experiencing New Economy disruption.

In addition, Develop workforce innovations to link hundreds of LMI individuals to New Economy careers, establishing a long-term workforce blueprint. Efforts will leverage local best practices (Work Train, Erie 21) and will be informed by local industry needs, poverty research, and community engagement.

Coding and Software program partnerships: Work Train will work with employers and partners to link low-income job seekers to career pathways in coding and software engineering. This will be achieved by a partnership with Hack Upstate, who has launched a successful Careers in Code program.

Total number of program participants enrolled during grant term



Total number of people completing training



Total number of people placed into employment or work experience



Total number of people earning credentials, cerficiations, or licensure



Retention rate - percentage of people employed after 90 days of placement


of people placed after 90 days of employment

Average hourly wage of people placed in employment


per hour

Le Moyne College's ERIE 21 Initiative

ERIE21 is a bold, visionary initiative designed to address the region’s twin problems of persistently high poverty in Syracuse and the inability of employers to attract and retain the skilled workers needed to fill current job openings as well as those resulting from the looming exodus of baby boomers from the workforce.


Objective: Training for adults– technical training for at least 25 unemployed, underemployed, underprivileged or downsized employees to engage or re-engage local workforce

Place 50% of those who complete the program into entry-level jobs


of individuals placed into jobs