2019 Objectives

Hack Upstate’s vision is to grow and scale Careers in Code in order to provide free computer programming education to help place hundreds of women and minorities fighting poverty that are unemployed, underemployed, or underprivileged individuals, with local employers across Central and Upstate NY.

Objective: Remove every possible barrier to education

In order to minimize as many barriers as possible when it comes to living in poverty, accepted students received a full tuition scholarship, a laptop, a coworking space membership, a student stipend, and a student success representative to help students navigate barriers and hurdles they faced during the program.

To help inform these decisions, we asked our students two things during the screening process:

1. Will you require any services for the program?
2. What are some challenges that you might have throughout the duration of the program? How can we help address and solve them?


Provide free tuition for all students

11 of 11

free tuitions


Provide each student with a new laptop

11 of 11

free laptops


Provide each student with a free coworking membership

11 of 11

free coworking memberships


Provide each student with a spending stipend

11 of 11

student stipends


Hire a student success representative that will help students navigate challenges they encounter throughout the program

1 of 1

student success representative hired

Objective: Help ensure 100% student graduation rate from the program

We're committed to having all of our students accepted into the program graduate. Our first cohort had a 92% graduation rate from the full 24-week program.

Some Progress

Check in with all students on a bi-weekly basis

109 of 132

student check-ins

Some Progress

Hold weekly meetings with leadership to help identify and resolve challenges students are facing

13 of 24

meetings with leadership

Objective: Generate job and wealth creation in Central New York

Instructors will teach students the skills they require to receive internships and entry level software development positions. Measured every 30 days following the graduation of each cohort.

Some Progress

Increase in un- and underemployed residents placed in jobs by placing 100% of students within 180 days of program completion (Feb 18, 2020)

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graduates placed in full-time positions or consulting arrangements


Increase overall salaries by 50% within 180 days of program completion (Feb 18, 2020)


average salary increase with an average starting salary of $45k

Objective: Organize and execute events throughout the program

Throughout the course of the program, we organized several networking events for our students. We would often dedicate Tuesday’s class to attend developer meetups to get involved in the local tech community. Our students interacted with local technologists and helped to improve their communication skills, facilitate connections, and potential employment opportunities.

We hosted guest speakers and invited them to join us before class as well as at our networking events. They shared their experiences working in the industry and provided insight into how students can be successful. More importantly, they inspired students, provided encouragement, and demonstrated what goes into becoming a successful software developer.


Organize at least 3 events for students

3 of 3

events organied throughout the 24-week program


Host at least 10 guest speakers

17 of 10

guest speakers hosted throughout the 24-week program


Attend at least 5 local developer meetups

5 of 5

meetups attended throughout the 24 week program


Attend at least 2 regional networking events

2 of 2

regional networking events attended throughout the 24 week program

Objective: Provide quality community engagement

Social media and marketing is a critical component of our program. It is necessary to make prospective applicants, instructors, and partners aware of the promote as well as to promote existing partners and highlight the value they bring to the program.


Increase social media engagement by 50% in 2019


overall social media engagement


Publish 2 blogs each month in 2019 for a total of 24 blogs

24 of 24

published blogs on Medium


Send a newsletter each month in 2019 for a total of 12 newsletters

12 of 12

monthly newsletters sent to our community

Objective: Explore and develop strategic partnerships

Creating and operating a coding bootcamp that will teach computer programming to women and minorities from distressed communities can’t be done alone. It requires long-term, strategic partners who will support the program and benefit from its sustained success. Strategic partners have been instrumental to Hack Upstate over the years. We’re extremely fortunate to have so many partners involved in our first cohort of Careers in Code that were critical to our success.


Identify and explore 3 strategic partnerships

3 of 3

strategic partnerships explored (Onondaga County, Alliance for Economic Inclusion, CenterState CEO, LeMoyne's ERIE 21)


Identify and partner with 3 local businesses

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local business partnerships (Syracuse CoWorks, Von Langden Studios, Artemis Photography)

and multiple local employers